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Kim is the founder and CEO of The Australian Driving Instructors  Service Association “ADISA” Dedicated to Promoting Excellence In The Art of Driver Training

What Will I Get Out Of This Course?

You  will be shown how to generate an excellent part OR full time income through  own successful Driving school business. You’ll see how I used my marketing background to start and grow a successful business from scratch.

 You’ll find out why choosing to become a driving Instructor has one of the lowest financial entry points of any business.

For you that means the freedom as being your own boss to “call the shots” in relation to how much or how little you work depending on your current circumstances.


This course is ideally to suited to both Males and Females.

Please go to FAQ after reading through this page.Most if not all of your questions are answered there. Please use the Contact form at bottom of FAQ page if you have any further inq.

 Please Note: This course will not give you the right to teach people to people to drive for financial remuneration. You will need to get your Cert IV in Driver Training.

The quickest most inexpensive way to do this will be covered in the course.

You’ll find out exactly what I do and how I built up a $1000 (initially) a month part time income 3 weeks after I finished my Certificate 4 in Transport and Logistics-Driver Trainer.

It will, over the course duration give you all the details on how you can earn an excellent income part or full time as a driving instructor,

As little as $200-300 extra dollars a week or $1500 To $2000+  a week if your a “workaholic” PLUS  a complete “Driving Instructor Business In A Box System”  should you go on to become an Instructor.
YES if you’re a current driving Instructor wanting to increase your business you are welcome to attend!

The course  will provide you with all the EXACT  details of what you’ll need,total costs,how long it will take. Plus support if you decide to become an Instructor.

I’ll show you the course material you’ll be required to study, and how to approach understanding it in a simple step by step process that makes learning easy.

You’ll discover why as a “Owner /Operator” you pay NO franchise,royalty /commissions/ service fees ever-All profits are yours.

Being a driving Instructor is extremely rewarding, not only financially but seeing the faces of your students and having them thank you because you’ve helped them obtain their “freedom” as well as taught them some valuable skill-staying safe on our roads!

Compare this to : the courier/ lawn mowing services/cleaning  “dogwashes”/ antennae services or any other businesses where you have substantial fees to buy into the “brand”, expensive equipment to maintain, franchise fees , being at the mercy of someone you can tell you what you’re allowed or not allowed to do,ongoing royalty payments to make businesses where the work can be stressful and hours long.

If you feel you could use an extra few hundred dollars per week working around your current hours, or replace the casual work you do now for something FAR more lucrative,or even replace your full time”grind” then this course will give you the answers that you need to succeed.

At the end of the of the course you’ll be given all you need to start a “Turn Key Driving School Business” saving you over three thousand dollars and over a hundred and fifteen hours of time should you decide to go on and do your Certificate IV in Driver Training.


Many,many more happy customers at our websites

Many,many more happy customers at our websites! See the “About Kim” page

What You’ll Learn

Everything I had to do from “whoa to go”-I’ll guide you through all the red tape and save you from going grey(Or greyer!)The paperwork,the prescreen medical,police check etc. Yes You’ll need to do a driving test before. I’ll show you what you need to do to pass. How to set up a business name, getting a simple website set up etc..etc.. How access a HUGE amount of free resources to grow your business.

You will have access to all my recorded course notes-what I did to expedite the learning process you will ALREADY  have some of the skills needed  to help you succeed.

This is covered in greater detail in FAQ

                                              What We Cover In the Course..

1: Your overall costs all up-this business has an incredibly low entry point, to earn this sort of income that can be generated from being an Instructor you’d be looking at north of $50000 if you invested in a lawn mowing,or cleaning franchise or similar.

Think about 1 tenth of that-less depending on what you’ve already got-car and computer!

2: I was looking through some”businesses for sale” adds in the local paper recently one had advertised a “cleaning business” returning a measly 9,000 per month for an outlay of  $70,000!!

I thought good luck with that! Cleaning? relying on keeping your contracts? Dirty,back breaking work? In a cutthroat environment that involves the competition continually doing “cold calls” to people all the time looking to undercut their current cleaners.
No Thanks!

3: How much it will cost-there is a BIG difference in what some RTO’s (registered training organisations charge) This is the actual organisation that will provide you with your Cert IV in driver training and logistics.
I will make some suggestions and show you the one I used and explain why it was a perfect “fit” for me.

4: How I gave away over 230 FREE lessons and made over $37,900 by doing that. Yes, I’ll provide proof!

5: How I managed to build a group of very happy loyal customers see

6: How I created a product related to helping learners “Pass Their P plate test” that makes me a recurring income at – I give this to my students for free. Its at

You will have “reprint rights” (meaning you can use and claim this product as your own-I’ll explain more on the course) to this for FREE value over $1200 if you do the course.

7: How the government is paying my car payments! And just how cheaply a new car can be had and paid of-it’s a tax deduction 2-3 lessons a week pays for your car.

8: I’ll give you access to Thousands of dollars of courses and material I have on my computer showing you how simple some of the “techie” stuff really is.

I’ll even show you where I got my roof signs done for less than HALF of what some of sign writers wanted to charge me!

9: I’ll explain why working for a large driving school may not be in your best interest and why I chose to start my own company rather than work for anyone else, I’ll also explain why you may want to work an established driving school.

10: You will access  ” members Only” access to the blog page ask whatever questions you want and I’ll answer them for free via a podcast.

11: Bookwork a necessary evil-NO you do not need to spend big dollars on expensive CRM software I do 15 minutes a day at the end of my day,I’ll show you how easy and quick it is to keep track of your lessons.

12: I’ll give you my “Resources Sheet” this is an instant ready reference of where to go,what to do do and how to do it of all the essential business items that otherwise you’d be paying for someone to do or spending lots of time searching the internet.

13: I generate over $2000 a year in sales simply from my roof sign and my “Business card” and it isn’t like any other business card you’ll see!You’ll have access to that as well as:

Yours FREE “The Driving Instructors Marketing Kit”- when you become an Instructor or if you’re a current Instructor you get to take it away at the end of the course.Click to play to see SOME of what you’ll have access to.

  • Flyers,thank for taking a lesson with letter,various other stationary
  • My book-it brands me as what I am-The expert in teaching people to drive and pass their Ps safely with the minimum amount of lessons and investment
  • My written feedback forms that I provide after each lesson. I teach “Practice With A purpose”
  • Envelope and letterhead templates,
  • The material you’ll be required to study
  • My cancellation policies and procedures
  • Numerous Pre written adds,and where I advertise for FREE
  • Handouts to people who walk up to me in the street,-my special”Business card”
  • Marketing campaigns,articles for Facebook-YES you can use my material (with conditions)
  • My Special “Kims Tips” which covers all the essential test items-I give this out at the end of the lesson,
  • Sales and marketing tips
  • Customer service info -How to deliver excellence!
  • My excellence certificate that I award for my drivers that pass using my car on test day,
    and LOTS, LOTS.. more!

“The Student Resources Section”-Why I’m regarded as an Expert in the industry. Yours FREE when you become an Instructor or if you’re a current Instructor you get to take it away at the end of the course. Click to play to see what you’ll be allowed to give away to your students


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One time payment of only 147.00 You’ll also take away a FREE  driving lesson valued at $70- PLUS My book DVD and CD valued at a further $37 yours to keep

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The course covers 3 hours. The first hour will be me supervising YOU or one of the course students (max 3 students) over a 1 hour driving lesson-you’ll actually need to do a driving test  So this part of the course will teach you to pass successfully.

*Max of 3 students per class

I’ll show you how I present my lesson,what I do,what I give out at the end of the course,how to book more lessons and how to deliver a fun,lesson while making sure that the learner driver understands what your saying. You’ll also find out how to deliver feedback correctly!

We will also cover everything in “What You”ll Learn” and I’ll give you examples of my adds,flyers etc and touch briefly on what they do and how they make my lessons more effective and help the student learn and retain information while increasing business for me.

All the course will be recorded for you,you will be given access within 48 hours and then be able to ask questions at my blog page-this will also be helpful to other students who participate,so ask away!


Order Now 
One time payment of only 147.00 You’ll also take away a FREE  driving lesson valued at $70- PLUS My book DVD and CD valued at a further $37 yours to keep




Order Now

“I promise you’ll take away a wealth of useful,easy to apply practical information that will give you the potential to earn an excellent full or part time income while allowing you the freedom to work around your current commitments.”




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