Q How does the course work work -do we come to you or do you come to us?

A: Within a25 K radius(at this stage) I come to you. I pick you up and we spend the next hour in the car show you exactly how I conduct a lesson  then the following 2 hours with me going over the entire “How To” process ( yes we stop for a coffee or if your a smoker you can have a “puff”-not in the car of course!) This will ALL be recorded for you!

We will arrange a mutually convenient time,please note if you cannot attend we require a minimum of 12 hours notice,bookings cancelled before that are NON refundable however you will be given a chance to participate at a later date.

Outside that area we meet at Blacktown Railway Station and commence from there.

I cover the way I do my lesson, I explain in depth about what you’ll need to do if you decide to go ahead,and all of the other material you’ll need to know to get you started if you decide to become an Instructor.

I’ll give you a resources sheet with all the RTOs- Registered Training Organisations,I’ll tell you about the one I used and why I used him-I receive NO financial benefits from any outside organisation it will be up to you to decide who you will use.
 You’ll also know what you need to do beforehand,you will be as thoroughly prepared as I was without having to do all the research and facing the issues that I had to overcome.

When you become an Instructor you will then be granted access to all the tools and templates I have created. You will be able to alter these to suit your business without having to go to the trouble of creating everything from “scratch”

Q How much money can I make as an instructor?

A: That’s up to you, I have no desire to do 40 or more lessons a week I know some Instructors making $75-$100,000 per year. I hate rushing between lessons; I also take time to give written feedback after every lesson. Doing 8 lessons a day would make that impossible, so working 12 hour days is not what I’m after.

More realistic goal $60-65,000 full time. Good income plus time to play and stay healthy!

Q Aren’t you afraid another driving Instructor will do your course and “steal your secrets”?


A: No. If your another driving Instructor and would like to increase your income you are most welcome to come along. You’ll get the same benefits and access to the same materials as everyone else.

Q Do I need a separate merchant account to be able to accept credit cards if someone wants to pay by card?

A: No it is a cash business and yes I do accept CC through Pay Pal as I sell packages from my website. I find however that bank transfer (rarely) and cash is what has worked best for me. No invoices to send out, no waiting for money, no debt collection agencies! No sending out “please Pay” letters! And NO bank fees and no pieces of electronic gizmos to carry around with me that either get lost or broken.

Q Is this course tax deductible?

A : I will issue you with a tax receipt on my business letter head with my ABN number. This course will fall under “learning/education” expenses HOWEVER check with your accountant please!

Q How much does it cost to set up your own driving school business?
Good question, prepare to be amazed!

A : While different RTOs ( registered training organisations charge different prices leaving OUT the price of a car with all the additional benefits you get from doing this course, all my templates/a “turn key marketing package” under 5K is very realistic.

I’m not going to do comparisons here but do your own research to see what a “franchise” or a lawn mowing business returning 40-50k a year would cost you.

Q Do I need a new car?

A : No you do not need a new car. A late model vehicle under 5 years old is fine. I bought mine new, and I’ll show you how the government benefits I received from a course that I took made the payments.

Don’t forget you have the tax benefits this year As well as 2017! of being able to write off the price of a new car under 20K.  A brand new car can be had on the road for around 14,000 2-3 lessons a week will make the payments on that!

Q Will you help me set up my website/facebook page/show me how to advertise?

A: No. should you wish to have everything “done for you” ( I literally set you up with a complete ready to go business and get you your first few clients)then you may discuss that with me after the course. This will not be something I will be promoting during the course, I’m not there to “sell” you anything other than what you’ve read about!

What’s in your marketing package will help you with ALL of that, further more I will give you access to thousands of dollars more worth of courses I have on my computer that will allow you to do that in your own time. However will I sit with you build your website, organise your face book page? Yes if you choose “The Complete Done For You package”

Q I’m 35/40/47/50/60 aren’t I too old to become an Instructor?

A: I became an Instructor at 52! Age is in your head.

Q isn’t their a lot of competition in this business? – I see those little cars with their signs on all the time.

A: I don’t have a “fear’ of any competition. Many of my students that have used other Instructors have commented favorably to me as well as their friends about the different way I do things, you’ll find out why in the course.

Q I’ve heard /read some of the big driving schools offer to train me with a certificate 4 in Road transport and logistics-driver trainer and provide me with a job afterwards is this true?

A: Yes. It’s too lengthy to go into here I do NOT advise this and I’ll answer it more fully in the course. I like being my own boss and accountable to myself, however it may not be right for you. I’ll explain the pitfalls and benefits and you can make up your own mind.

Q Can I call you up and if I become an Instructor and ask for advice?

A: Sorry No. Unless your a member of  “Everything Done For You” club, I’m simply too busy. And the  actual products you receive for simply doing this course will save you thousands of dollars AND hundreds of hours of time. I place a lot of value on my time and I’ll show you how to do the same.

You CAN However  email me because your questions may help another potential driving Instructor but I’m happy to provide a VERY limited amount of advice for free.

Please note I do not respond to emails immediately,but I do respond.Seriously folks your problems will not become mine.
If that sort of honesty offends then your simply not right for the course.

Pax Vobiscum and hit the back button on your browser now. 🙂

There are many things I will allow including Including letting you come out on a driving lesson with one of my students to see how I do things, however when you do the course you will see exactly what I do and how I do it, it’ll be the same!

Q Do I need to have a “clean” driving record? What else do I need to have?

A: what you DO need to have is A clear speaking English voice,English does NOT need to be your first language however.

No. you do not need to be a “cleanskin” as far as your driving record.However you do need to have held a full drivers license for at least 3 years, and lots of speeding and traffic offences/DUI’s etc is not a good look. Obviously there will be a series of checks made but you do not need to have been an “angel” (thanks to “John” that asked 🙂 I’ll go into all of that in the course.

Q What other sort of requirements do I need a business background or a degree in marketing?

A: Neither! I have a business background but a year 10 education. I’m “self taught”. See my About Kim page

I’ll also point you in the direction, if you wish of some excellent books. Don’t forget you’ll have access to several thousand dollars worth of material that I have as part of this course!


Q what sort of attributes make up a good instructor Do I need to be patient?


A: Yes you sure do! Screaming at your learner driver is not recommended (yes there are instructors that do.)  I end up with their students! Having a sense of humor also helps as well as maintaining some degree of fitness also benefits. Understanding and applying some common sense people skills is what you’ll need.

Q Is the course hard to do? Can you help me with answering questions on how you did it?


A: No it is not. As I’ve said I have a year 10 education, I am however a passionate reader and have been throughout my life. I will show you the course material that I had to do, however we will not be focusing on that, at this stage it is not important.

I will recommend the RTO that I used, tell you what I thought of him and let you make you own decision. As I have previously motioned I receive NO financial benefits whatsoever beyond the cost of the course, unless you should choose to have me organise the complete set up package for you.

Questions? Or Order Now and we’ll be in touch to get you booked in.

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